David Skal's DVD documentary "She's Alive!" appears on FRANKENSTEIN: THE LEGACY COLLECTION. To purchase, click link below.

Creating the Bride of Frankenstein

Director James Whale made quite a splash with FRANKENSTEIN in 1931, but four years later went completely over the top with the black-comic BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, generally regarded as his masterpiece, and the finest example of classic Hollywood horror.

Hosted and narrated by director Joe Dante, David Skal's documentary SHE'S ALIVE! is a special DVD feature of FRANKENSTEIN: THE LEGACY COLLECTION, including insightful interviews with author/​filmmaker Clive Barker; Sara Karloff, daughter of Boris; film historians Scott MacQueen, Paul Jensen, and others. The LEGACY collection also includes a feature length BRIDE audio commentary by Scott MacQueen, an animated photo/​poster gallery, and a vintage trailer.

Beyond the BRIDE, the DVD also includes full features of FRANKENSTEIN (1931), SON OF FRANKENSTEIN, GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN, and HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN. The 1931 film includes another David Skal documentary, THE FRANKENSTEIN FILES, with its own animated still/​poster gallery and vintage theatrical trailer.

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